How to raise grievance to get Annexure K on EPF Grievance Portal

Here you will understand what is Annexure K, how to raise grievance to get Annexure K on EPF Grievance Management System, all the steps are mentioned below to get Annexure K.

What is Annexure K in PF?

Annexure K is an EPF document issued by EPFO India to the EPF members whenever their PF transfer claim gets settled successfully. EPF members will get their Annexure K whenever they raise PF Transfer request from Unexempted to the exempted establishment or Exempted to the Unexempted establishment. The Annexure K document contains various details such as previous establishment’s PF account details, PF member ID, UAN number and settled PF amount details. The Annexure K is considered as a proof document of PF Transfer claims.

What is use of Annexure K in PF?

As we mentioned above Annexure K document is considered as a proof document that consists of how much PF amount was transferred between two organisations (Unexempted to exempted Or Exempted to Unexempted establishments).

Generally previously EPF members used to apply for PF transfers offline at nearest EPFO office by filling some forms. Then the new employer used to ask the EPF member to submit annexure K for further processing of their PF Transfer claim.

Now EPF transfer claim is being raised online and settled online, so currently their is not enough use of Annexure K as everything is controlled online.

Some times if employee’s PF transfer claim is from unexempted establishment to exempted establishment (Independent PF trust), then the new employer (exempted trust) will ask employees to submit their annexure K.

For Example : An employee who has left his company where his PF was maintained by EPFO, has joined a new company such as TCS, Infosys, which is an Unexpected organisations. These organisations will ask employees to submit their Annexure K after their PF Transfer claim is settled.

If you have transferred your PF from exempted to unexempted establishment, then you will be able to download your annexure K online at UAN portal and you can also check transferred PF amount on your PF passbook.

How to get Annexure K from EPFO

Basically their are 2 ways to get Annexure K for your PF transfer claim which is settled by EPFO India:

  1. UAN Portal : If your PF transfer is from exempted to unexempted establishment then you can directly download annexure K in PDF format at your UAN member portal.
  2. EPF Grievance Management Portal : If your PF transfer is from unexempted to exempted establishment then you have to raise Grievance for Annexure K on EPF Grievance Portal.
How to raise grievance to get Annexure K
Grievance to get Annexure K

How to get Annexure K from EPF Grievance Portal

If employee has transferred his PF from unexempted to exempted ( Independent trust) then to get Annexure K, employees have to raise a grievance on the PF Grievance Management System portal.

  • Step 1: Go to the EPF Grievance Management System portal and select option as PF member, provide your UAN number and authenticate using OTP.
  • Step 2: Now enter your few personal details such as address, email id and other requested details.
  • Step 3: Now in grievance details, click on your previous PF account number from which the PF is transferred (Old PF account number).
  • Step 4: Now in the popup window, select grievance related to PF office and select grievance category as Non-transfer of PF accumulations and in grievance description, type some describe saying (Requesting Annexure K and mention claim related details)
  • Step 5: Now review once and click on Add button to submit your grievance.

Now you have successfully submitted your grievance to get Annexure K. Within 1 or 2 working days EPFO will send your annexure K to your registered email id, then you can submit the Annexure K document to your new employer for further processing. Once the processing is done, your PF amount will reflect on your PF Account Summary in your organization’s portal.