How to update Date of Exit in EPF/EPS online at UAN portal

EPFO has announced that from now employees can update their Date of Exit on the UAN portal. Employees can update their Exit Date in EPF as well as EPS on UAN portal by simply following below mention steps. The process of updating Date of Exit is really quick and the exit date gets updated and reflected really fast on the EPFO.

Employees don’t need to go through any approval process after updating the Date of Exit on their own on UAN portal, and they also don’t need to wait as it is real quick process and it is approved and authenticated based on Aadhar OTP.

Update of Exit in EPF/EPS online at UAN Portal
Update of Exit in EPF/EPS

How to update Date of Exit in EPF/EPS online at UAN portal ?

  • Step-1: Go to the UAN Portal.
  • Step-2: Log in with your UAN/Password.
  • Step-3: Click on ‘Manage’ and select the option ‘Mark Exit’ from the dropdown.
  • Step-4: Now select your employer from the ‘Select Employment’ dropdown for which you want to update date of exit.(Note: In option you will see the member ID and corresponding employer name so that you can easily identify your company)
  • Step-5: Review the details for the selected employment, and confirm the ‘Employers Last Contribution’ month whether it is showing correct or not.(Note: If the last contribution month on portal & your actual employment exit month is not matching then DO NOT update your exit date on portal as you will not see the correct month, kindly reach out to your employer.)
  • Step-6: Now select your exit date in ‘Select Date of Exit(EPF)’ field.
  • Step-7: Now again select your exit date in ‘Reselect Date of Exit(EPF)’ field.
  • Step-8: Then select the reason of leaving your last job in ‘Select Reason of Exit’ field.(Note: You can select CESSATION-Short Service if you have left the company on your wish.)
  • Step-9: Click on ‘Request OTP’ in Aadhar based otp field and enter the OTP which you will receive on the mobile number which is linked with Aadhar.
  • Step-10: Now click on checkbox saying ‘I have read points… ‘ and click on Submit button.
  • Step-11: After clicking on submit, System will show alert box asking ‘are you sure you want to update date of exit? ‘, you have to click on UPDATE to finally submit.

✅ Here you are done ✅
You have successfully updated your Date of Exit in UAN portal for the selected company.

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How to check if the Exit Date is updated or not in UAN portal?

In UAN Portal, Go to View > Service History.
There you will be able to see the Date of Exit which you update earlier from ‘Mark Exit’ section.

Also, if you go to Manage > Mark Exit.
You can see the history of updating ‘Date of Exit’ in ‘Date of Exit Seeding History’ section.

How to update Date of Exit in EPS?

If you have gone through above process/steps and you have updated your Exit Date for EPF, then you don’t need to do anything after this, as the same Exit Date will get updated in EPS also.
Basically this process of updating ‘Date of Exit’ is automatically get applied for EPS.